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16th January 2019 


"When I first began, I felt myself to be in a state of sadness and did not know how to help it. I believe counselling has helped me identify my problems and find ways to overcome them and overall improve my happiness. I have found it very beneficial and feel like I am in a much better place."
Young Person, 2018

"I have to say we have seen some great improvements over the last few weeks in respect of xxx confidence and attitude towards going to school and other social activities. I am more than happy for xxx to continue with further sessions as without doubt xxx has really benefited from these. "
Parent of a 10 year old client, 2016

"I had an initial meeting with Kathy to touch base. She was very professional, relaxed and friendly within a nice environment. I needed help quickly as I was having a very difficult time with a close family member, plus other difficulties which come with life. Kathy's experience and understanding has helped me to think about my life and the paths that I have taken and will choose to take in the future. This helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. I am thankful that I can return if needed. I don't think I have cried so much. So thanks also for the tissues."
Adult, 2015

"I enjoyed working with you, sessions were fun and playful. In particular you listened without interrupting me and you cared about what I was saying".
Young Person, 2014

"Thank you for being someone I can talk to and thank you for not judging me on my actions and emotions. You are in high demand because of how good you are at listening. The sessions have helped me a lot".
Young Person, 2014


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